Delivering Christmas to McKinley Fire victims

Karen Wilson and her granddaughter MK deliver Christmas donations to McKinley Fire victims on Dec. 5. (KTUU)

WILLOW, Alaska (KTUU) - Like Santa and his elves, Karen Wilson and her young granddaughter are busy performing Christmas miracles.

The weather is frigid -- below zero -- at mile 84 of the Parks Highway. But cold weather isn't stopping Wilson from gathering up Christmas donations to hand-deliver to victims of this summer's devastating McKinley Fire.

"I'm out delivering Christmas decorations and trees," Wilson wrote in a post on a Facebook recovery page for McKinley Fire victims. "If you need one, please text or call me (907) 775-6147."

Wilson has no issues giving out her number if it might connect her with someone who needs help. She has been collecting donations -- Christmas trees, decorations, gifts -- and storing them until a family calls. Then she hits the road, driving as far as she has to on her own dime to bring a little Christmas cheer to families who lost so much in the fire.

Wilson is relentless and selfless when it comes to helping McKinley Fire victims. Having lost a home to wildfire, she knows just how devastating it can be. But, she couldn't do these things without donations and the help of her community.

For anyone wishing to spread Christmas joy to families in need, Wilson asks that you call her cellphone at (907) 775-6147.

She says victims also need financial support to purchase propane, gas, and heating fuel.

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