Digital dating during Covid-19

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) Dating can be tough enough in the best of circumstances and the middle of a world wide pandemic is not the best of circumstances. That being said, the digital age does provide advantages for those looking for love even if you are stuck inside under quarantine. Relationship Expert Rachel DeAlto discussing dating tips during Covid-19.

Marsha Shirack-Olson, co-founder of P.S. Consulting says "we're really encouraging our clients to date virtually."

It's hard to argue with that advice. With the aid of technology be it video chat, dating apps, or some combination of both it's never been easier to reach out and make a connection with someone even if you aren't going to be stepping outside anytime soon.

As relationship expert Rachel DeAlto puts it "Any initial trepidation people had about doing virtual dates or focusing their efforts online is going by the wayside as time goes on."

So for those that are looking here are a few tips from the pro's:

-Have a hard out time, keep your first virtual date to around 30 minutes.

-Don't disclose too much too early.

-Try not to focus on the current pandemic, this should be time used for getting to know about your date.

-Be present, no texting or web surfing during the meeting.

Hopefully these tidbits help those looking for love and remember, Cupid's arrows can cover all distances... even the social ones.

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