Dimond student arrested for threatening school shooting

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - A Dimond High School student has been arrested after making a verbal threat to shoot up the school.

Anchorage Police say the boy became unruly on the school bus Tuesday afternoon, and as he got off the bus, threatened to shoot up the school the next day.

The school bus driver reported it to the school district, who called Anchorage Police. APD officers talked with the boy and his parents Tuesday night, and determined there was no active threat to the school.

"The police department takes any threats of this nature very seriously," Anchorage Police Chief Justin Doll said Wednesday after a public safety meeting of the Anchorage Assembly. "We always follow up on them; we always investigate them."

After APD school resource officers talked with the boy and his parents at the school again Wednesday morning, the boy was charged in the juvenile court system for the threat itself.

Doll said he didn't know the specific charge against the boy. "In many cases, making threatening statements, whether you're a juvenile or an adult, just the act of making those statements can be a crime," Doll said.

APD says there was never an imminent threat to the school.

Doll also talked to reporters Wednesday afternoon about an emailed threat at South High school recently that turned out to be a hoax, saying it showed that APD responds quickly to any threats to school safety.

But when asked whether there are more threats to schools now than before, Doll said he didn't think so.

"I feel like the public has a really strong awareness of incidents like this right now, and so I think people are reporting things that maybe they might not have in the past," he said. "I don't think that's necessarily bad -- I would much rather know about something when it's in its early stages and relatively small and easy to deal with, before it gets to be a critical incident."

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