Dispatches from the Trail: Old Finger Lake lodge

FINGER LAKE, Alaska (KTUU) - DeeDee Jonrowe gives us a quick tour of the old Finger Lake Lodge, which used to be the official checkpoint for the trail. She says in her first Iditarod in 1980, the trip to Finger Lake used to take two days.

DeeDee Jonrowe gives a tour of the old Finger Lake lodge. (KTUU)

The legendary Gene Leonard and his wife June lived out here year-round, Jonrowe says.

"There used to be probably 40 of us in here at a time, back in the days when it took two days just to get here," Jonrowe said.

In a look outside of the lodge, Jonrowe points out where 20-25 teams will bed down in a cove on the lake, though any food and provisions will have to have been brought with them from Skwentna, as Finger Lake is not a food drop checkpoint.

DeeDee Jonrowe revisited the Finger Lake lodge during a scouting trip on the trial before this year's Iditarod Trail Sled Dog race began. She filed this report from the trail.

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