Divided Alaska Legislature convenes session in 2 cities

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ANCHORAGE, (AP) - The Alaska Legislature is scheduled to begin a special session later Monday, but divided lawmakers cannot agree on the location. So, it appears they will go to different cities.

The main issue for the session is to determine the amount of this year's oil wealth check. Gov. Mike Dunleavy favors a full payout, about $3,000 per person, but some lawmakers prefer smaller checks as the state deals with a budget deficit.

Lawmakers couldn't decide the payout amount in five months of work in Juneau. Dunleavy called lawmakers into a second special session, in Wasilla.

However, a majority of lawmakers say they will convene Monday in Juneau while a smaller group says they are going to Wasilla.

Once the session starts, lawmakers also have five days to override Dunleavy's budget vetoes.

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