Donated items find new life through Recycle for a Reason program

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Take a look around your house. Notice any items you don't need, that are just taking up space, or could maybe find new life or purpose in the hands of someone else?

The Recycle for a Reason program at the United Methodist Church of Chugiak accepts items people don't need anymore, and gets them to people who do need them, while saving the landfill in the process.

It's like a giant yard sale where the proceeds go towards a designated fund that's given out in the form of grants to places like food pantries and homeless shelters.

The program even gives away some items for free to people or organizations that need them. For example, teachers in search of classroom needs can get those types of items for free, as well as scout leaders, or church leaders.

"We had a woman come from South Anchorage and fill a 12 foot van with furniture because she is taking custody of four grandchildren," said Kay Abrams, Coordinator for Recycle for a Reason. "So we were able to give her everything from beds to tables to chairs, and then she came back yesterday and got clothes for all the kids. That's what we want to do for a lot more organizations than we are now."

You can find more information on the Recycle for a Reason program on the United Methodist Church of Chugiak's website.

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