Dunleavy announces funding of PCE, APS, WWAMI and AVAP

Dunleavy at an interview with KTUU in July.
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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Though he didn't announce whether he would sign the funding bills passed by the legislature, Gov. Mike Dunleavy announced that he would "make funds available for certain programs" in the coming year.

In a press release from Dunleavy spokesman, Matt Shuckerow said that the governor is still considering SB 2002 and HB 2001, but in the meantime the administration has started notifying program recipients that the funds would become available.

Those programs include:

  • The Power Cost Equalization (PCE) fund, which subsidizes energy costs in rural Alaska

  • The Alaska Performance Scholarship (ACP), which funds high-performing Alaska high school students who attend college in Alaska.

  • WWAMI, a multi-state medical education program.

  • Alaska Vaccine Assessment Program, which funds vaccinations for children and facilitates the universal purchase of vaccines in Alaska
  • Dunleavy said that he would make a decision on HB2001 and SB2002, which restore much of the funding that the governor previously vetoed, after he and his staff finished studying the issues.

    In a social media post, Dunleavy noted that he had previously funded these programs in his proposed budget.

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