Dunleavy has skin cancer removed from forehead

Gov. Dunleavy and Senator David Wilson at a recent signing ceremony (Photo courtesy of Governor Dunleavy's Office)
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ANCHORAGE (AP) - Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy's office announced Friday that biopsies of skin variations removed from his forehead confirmed a basal cell carcinoma, or a mild form of skin cancer.

Two photos of Gov. Dunleavy at the same signing ceremony. Dunleavy said that the photo on the left had been doctored.

Dunleavy's spokesman Matt Schuckerow says Dunleavy took precautionary measures with his dermatologist this week, which left a series of sutures on his forehead.

Shuckerow says the carcinoma was removed. He also says Dunleavy and his doctor believe potential risks were addressed with the routine procedure.

Dunleavy first addressed the issue Friday morning, tweeting a photo in which his sutures are visible. He wrote: "I'm happy to say, I'm in good health. Moral of the story, wear sunscreen."

Dunleavy temporarily suspended his gubernatorial campaign in 2017 for medical issues involving his heart. In reviving his campaign, Dunleavy said his treatments were successful.

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