Dunleavy says he won't call another session -- at least not yet

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - The second Special Session of the Alaska Legislature ends today without a permanent solution to the question of the Permanent Fund dividend, and Gov. Mike Dunleavy said there won't be a third special session -- at least for a while.

The governor said in a press release today that he wouldn't call an immediate third special session, after legislative leaders had asked for him to call one to discuss the long term future of the Permanent Fund and dividend.

The governor has an hour after the adjournment of a legislative session -- which occurs today -- to call an immediate session. Otherwise, he has to give thirty days notice before the legislators must appear. Dunleavy didn't give a clear indication of whether he might call a third special session in the future.

In July, the Legislature passed House Bill 2001 that restores much of the funding for services vetoed by the governor and pays out a $1,600 PFD, but Dunleavy hasn't yet given an indication of when he'll sign it and which parts of it he'll veto, if any.

In a release from his office, a spokesperson for the governor said that Dunleavy "largely considers a vast majority of the FY20 budget settled."

But he indicated that he was open to compromise on the PFD. In a letter sent by the governor to Senate President Cathy Giessel and House Speaker Bryce Edgmon, Dunleavy said that he is "weighing all options available" to continue dialogue about the Permanent Fund.

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