WATCH: Dunleavy names members of staff, transition team

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Update Thursday afternoon:
Governor-elect Mike Dunleavy said Republican Party chairman Tuckerman Babcock would be his chief of staff and is the chair of this transition. Dunleavy said that Mary Ann Pruitt, wife of Rep. Lance Pruitt, would be his transition administrative director; Sarah Erkmann Ward, the owner of a public relations business, would be transition spokeswoman; Kristie Babcock, a co-chair of Dunleavy's campaign and the wife of Tuckerman Babcock, would be the transition's director of scheduling; Gina Ritacco was set to be transition director of boards and commissions; and the transition legal counsel would be Stacey Stone-Semmler. Dunleavy said Brett Huber, his campaign manager and a former legislative chief of staff, would be on his governor's staff as senior policy advisor.

Original Story:
Governor-elect Mike Dunleavy is planning to announce his transition team and members of his cabinet Thursday afternoon at a press conference at 1:30 p.m. Watch live here.

At the Alaska Miners Association convention Thursday at 1:30 p.m. at the Dena'ina Center, Dunleavy took to the podium, giving his thoughts on the campaign and what the future of Alaska will look like.

"We couldn't have won this election without you folks," Dunleavy said. "And now, Alaska is open for business."

”We're going to be humming here in just a few years," Dunleavy said, arguing that more mining and mineral development is important to Alaska's future success, pointing to the success of Red Dog Mine and coal-based energy.

"The election is over, but I want to recognize Governor Walker," Dunleavy said, adding that the job, from what he's heard, is no easy task. "I also want to thank Mark Begich, for a spirited campaign, a great exchange of ideas, and I think he wants what we all want, a strong Alaska."

Dunleavy also announced his transition team, to include Tuckerman Babcock as his Chief of Staff, as well as several others in key positions including Mary Ann Pruitt, Sarah Erkmann-Ward, Kristie Babcock, Brett Huber, and others.

There will be hundreds of other positions that will need to be filled as turn over in his administration, Dunleavy said, and announced a website where future applicants can apply for those positions.

Dunleavy also said he plans on moving into the Governor's mansion, and said an announcement on when inauguration would take place is forthcoming.

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