Dust from Sahara Desert about to blanket parts of US

A Saharan dust storm from across the Atlantic darkened the skies of Puerto Rico this week. (Source: CNN)

(CNN) – A huge dust cloud from the Sahara Desert has traveled across the Atlantic and plans on paying the United States a visit.

The unusual plume is leading to the worst dust storm in the Caribbean in decades.

Usually, Saharan dust disperses into the ocean long before reaching the Americas.

Dust storms in Africa and unique wind conditions high in the atmosphere created the large-scale dust event.

The dust has already darkened the skies over places like Puerto Rico, Antigua and Trinidad & Tobago.

One model predicts the dust plume will continue to move over the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic sections of the United States.

The dust dramatically reduces air quality and can irritate the lungs of people with allergies.

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