Eagle River High School students stage sit-in to protest budget cuts

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EAGLE RIVER, Alaska (KTUU) - A group of Eagle River High School students took part in a school sit-in at their school on Friday to protest budget cuts in the Anchorage School District.

Gabriella Schilling, an Eagle River High School student says her school is losing two of its teachers as part of district-wide budget cuts. The current budget would cut 60 teachers.

"This change would adversely impact my school," said Schilling.

Schilling says there are teachers at their school who are worried about their jobs and many students who are also worried about their education.

"When you are cutting the programs that kids come to school for, you're showing how highly you prioritize us," said Kali Spencer, a junior at Eagle River High.

Spencer says students are constantly threatened with rumors that their school is going to be shut down.

"When I'm constantly threatened with having my favorite teacher leave this building, I don't feel safe. I don't feel like I'm getting the best education that I can." she said.

Luke Mouracade, a senior at Eagle River High says he believes students can have a voice in the budget conversations.

"With everything going on nationally right now I think that it's being shown that students our age can have an impact on politics. That we can have our voices be heard and that we can actually influence education." said Mouracade.

He says one of the greatest resources in Alaska is students and developing that resource through education is incredibly important.

The students are calling on the Alaska Legislature to make a change to the budget and to increase funding for education.

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