Eagle River Salvation Army to close after just 1 year of operation

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Officials with The Salvation Army are calling it a tough, but necessary decision, after they announced Monday that the relatively newly-opened storefront in Eagle River will be shuttered.

According to a news release issued April 23 by Robert DeBerry, the organization's communication manager, the closure of the Eagle River store is necessary in order to keep other services going.

"With more people relying on our services and fewer dollars to work with, we decided that moving out of our Eagle River store would be the most effective way to direct more resources toward those services," DeBerry stated.

The store itself, located at 12001 Business Blvd., had shuttered before for renovations that lasted months and expanded to roughly twice the size it was before. Following the completion of the construction, the store opened in spring of 2017.

Roughly one year later, despite high hopes for the location, the "hard decision" was made by management to close the store after citing their having "fewer dollars to work with."

"After extensive analysis, The Salvation Army has determined that our Eagle River store will have to be closed," DeBerry stated.

The store will close June 16.

The organization said their other stores will remain open, and will continue taking donations and conducting business as usual. There are two Salvation Army stores in Anchorage -- one on Dimond Boulevard, and one on Northern Lights Boulevard. There is also a Salvation Army store in Wasilla.

In addition to the decision to close the under-performing store, DeBerry also stated that the rehabilitation services will be reorganized, to combine the Adult Rehabilitation Center with the Clitheroe Center.

The two will be combined "under one umbrella of rehabilitation services," and a 12-bed women's facility can be opened.

Salvation Army Maj. Mike Dickinson said there are different phases to get through before that transition will be complete. For those already in the Clitheroe program, treatment will continue as scheduled. For those in Adult Rehabilitation, some who are close to graduation will continue, while others will get help transitioning into other recovery programs.

Dickinson says that process should be complete by June 23.

The organization cited these two decisions Monday, stating that in the end, closing the Eagle River store and combining their rehabilitation services would "help the most people in the most need."

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