Early fog and rain but then late fog and rain

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - While under mostly cloudy skies Friday Anchorage warms to near 60 degrees.

As more storms lift northeast on Monday, the broad low-pressure trough from the Bering Sea will push across the Alaska Range. This should make for a cool and cloudy day across all but the Copper River Basin with another shot of rain beginning late Monday for the Kenai Peninsula and areas north. Showers linger into Tuesday as this second wave lifts north across the Interior. Another system approaches from the Gulf, with a surface low and weak front moving east of Kodiak City overnight Monday, lifting north to the Kenai Peninsula and Prince William Sound area on Tuesday.

Mostly cloudy in Anchorage Monday while we warm up to 60 degrees after early bouts of fog and rain. Mostly cloudy tonight as we drop down to 52 degrees with rain this evening as well as patchy fog after Midnight.

Mostly cloudy on Tuesday with early patchy morning fog while we see a high of 60 degrees. Tuesday night while cloudy skies we cool down to 47 degrees.

Looking ahead, Anchorage will be mostly cloudy on Wednesday with a high of 61 degrees.

Fire Weather: With the Copper River Basin still under the influence of high pressure, this area remains the primary area for fire weather concerns over the next couple of days. Areas east of Eureka will remain generally dry through Monday with above normal high temperatures in the lower to mid-60s and minimum relative humidity values of 40 to 45 percent. By Tuesday, clouds and scattered showers will begin to move over the Basin. Elsewhere, clouds and periods of light rain are expected tonight through Monday with the rain tapering off and transitioning to showers by Tuesday.

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