Why no snow for Anchorage over the weekend? Temps and moisture are key

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - The prediction over the weekend was for several inches of snow, with some saying up to 8 inches, in the Mat-Su Valley, Anchorage, and on the Kenai Peninsula but that didn't happen. The reason why, all boils down to the timing, which in this case was slightly off.

The moisture-rich cloud cover and storms carrying precipitation showed up as predicted, with storms bringing rain along with warmer air came up up from the Pacific and the Gulf.

Despite the precipitation, we didn't get any snow. That boils down to the warm temperatures. In order to get snow, you need to mix cold air along with moisture. That didn't happen this weekend.

While cold air started moving down from the north, it narrowly missed the storm clouds, meaning the cold air to drop our temperatures didn't align with the storms, as they had already slowly weakened and moved off to the east and northeast.

As high pressure directs colder air down from the north, the cold air just doesn't have a lifting mechanism, as well as a lack of moisture due to the rain storm's quick move to the east northeast and out of our area.

So timing with the cold air and the storms and moisture needed for the snow simply missed each other allowing for rain in Anchorage while most of the snow came down in the valley's.

Moving forward Monday, Anchorage will be partly sunny after some early morning show showers on Thursday as we warm up to 29 degrees for a high.

Mostly cloudy tonight with patchy freezing fog chances as we drop down to 19 degrees.

Temperatures around 31 tomorrow with a 50% chance of snow as well as early patchy freezing fog but Saturday we could see snow, rain and freezing rain.

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