Early wind chills in the teens, but close to 40 with sun later

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU)- Partly sunny in Anchorage on Wednesday while we warm up to 37 degrees.

A significant winter storm about 100 miles southeast of Kodiak Island will continue to produce widespread precipitation and strong winds out of the east over the western and northern portions of the Gulf through today (Wednesday). This storm will continue to impact Kodiak Island until early Wednesday with heavy, wet snow as well as 45 mph wind gusts out of the north. Temperatures right around freezing (or even a few degrees above) has brought rain snow mix chances but this morning as the storms pull away from Kodiak temperatures will fall and any remaining precipitation will fall as snow.

The storm will move off towards the northeast and strengthen into a Storm Force Storm (39-73 mph winds) that will bring strong winds to coastal locations of Southcentral for the first part of Wednesday. Snow for Thompson Pass and Cordova could be on the lighter side due to warmer temperatures as well as cold dry air moving down from the north. Winds will continue to pick up on Wednesday as the low swings by (heads towards Yakutat), developing pull on the surrounding high pressure systems. Lingering snow should end late Wednesday as the storms move into Yukon Canada. High pressure will re assert itself over Southcentral Wednesday through Friday as conditions quiet down. Night time lows will continue to stay below average through the end of the week as an Arctic air mass remains in place over the state.

For the extended period, as high pressure keeps our skies clear and pushes down on the atmosphere, our sun should continue to warm us day by day as we head into the weekend. Storms could impact Southcentral once again as early as the weekend. High pressure should be sitting through a good portion of the Bering Sea but storms could move into Bristol Bay from the southwest (out of the north Pacific) on Saturday, helping to produce unsettled weather for the eastern Bering Sea.

We will be partly sunny in Anchorage on Wednesday with a high temperature of 37 degrees 15 mph winds out of the west but up to 25 mph along Turnagain Arm and higher elevations. Wednesday night we drop down to 18 degrees while under clear skies with 15 mph winds out of the northwest becoming light in the evening.

We will be sunny in Anchorage on Thursday with a high of 37 degrees. Clear skies for Thursday night with light winds.

Looking ahead, we will be partly cloudy on Friday while we warm up to 40 degrees with light winds.

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