Earthquake rattles Wasilla/Palmer area

map from USGS
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska An earthquake late Wednesday night rattled the Wasilla and Palmer area, and was also felt in Eagle River and sections of Anchorage.

The Alaska Earthquake Center initially reported the quake as a 3.6 magnitude, centered about 16-miles west of Wasilla near Big Lake. The quake was at a depth of 27.5 miles, according to the center.

Channel 2 News viewers reported feeling the quake on our Facebook page.

Amanda Beaver wrote "Felt and heard it in Palmer. I thought it was bigger than 3.6 for sure!"

Debbie Treece posted "Felt it in Eagle River - quite a jolt!"

Several people in Eagle River reported that they heard it before the felt it.

Ruth Armstrong posted "Felt it in Eagle River! It was super loud too!"