Gunfire hits several homes and vehicles

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU)- Monday night, the Anchorage Police Department received multiple calls about erupting gunfire in the Four Seasons Mobile Home Park on 5900 block of East 6th Avenue.

Renne Oistad, Anchorage Police Department spokesperson, said
when police arrived on scene the suspects were gone.

"The only description we have right now are two black males.
There were multiple casing found in the street at least five trailer homes were hit at least three vehicles were hit."

Alyssa Saavedra, a resident at Four Season Mobile Home Park, said her a bullet went through the back of her car and hit her home.

"The spot that hit, if it went through it would have gone though my daughter's closet. It is kinda scary to think if she was in her room what would have happened," said Saavedra.

Saavedra says this has happened before in her neighborhood and more needs to be done to fight crime.

"We are the victims in this situation you know as far as having to pay for the consequences of these crimes that lawmakers are not cracking down on," said Saavedra.

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