Erosion causes overnight loss of buildings on Kuskokwim river

Akiak along the Kuskokwim river
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AKIAK, Alaska (AP) A city along the Kuskokwim River has lost buildings overnight due to erosion on the banks of the river.

KYUK-AM reported Wednesday that residents of Akiak woke Monday to find that smokehouses built along the Kuskokwim River had fallen into the water along with stretches of the riverbank in southwest Alaska.

The city administrator says the community 42 miles northeast of Bethel lost between 75 and 100 feet of the riverbank.

The official says there are now homes in "imminent danger" from the erosion. One home is within 15 feet of the river.

The city has contacted the state for financial and technical assistance and, in the short term, plans to stabilize the riverbank by using metal poles and a tarp.

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