Fairview community rallies against renewal of Black Angus Inn's liquor license

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) — Should the Black Angus Inn keep its liquor license? It's a question Fairview residents posed to the Anchorage Police Department at a community council meeting Thursday evening.

Residents in the area say they're fed up with the persistent drug use, theft, and violence in the neighborhood, and many believe the Black Angus Inn is at the heart of the issue.

"It's bad for our community," Regina Hotel owner Regina Manteufel said. "It's blatant disrespect when the Municipality of Anchorage has not moved for abatement of that building because of the record amount of violations of the law."

Anchorage police officers received the full force of comments from frustrated citizens at Thursday's meeting who want to see the place gone.

"The only solution for Black Angus, in my opinion, is to tear that thing down," Fairview resident Patrick Rozas said.

According to APD Deputy Chief Ken McCoy, there have been a total of 937 emergency calls to the Black Angus Inn since July 2016.

That number includes 12 calls of disturbances involving weapons and three dead bodies — two of them this year alone. Channel 2 reported a shooting outside the hotel on Tuesday.

Fairview resident and business owner S.J. Klein has lived in Fairview for over a decade. He says stopping the renewal of the Black Angus Inn's liquor license is the first step toward bettering the situation.

“There’s a point where it’s beyond what just having the police show up can do,” Klein said. “It’s time for the city to act.”

Fairview Community Council Vice President Harry Need says the Black Angus Inn has shown it is incapable of running an establishment that serves liquor.

“Carrying a beverage license incurs substantial responsibility,” Need said. “It is readily apparent that the Black Angus Inn is incapable of meeting the minimum qualifications for such a license.”

Need introduced a resolution against the renewal of the Black Angus Inn’s liquor license Thursday night. He says the council will consider the resolution, and will vote next month on whether to present it to the municipality.

He says October 15 is the deadline for the request for a public hearing with the municipality on the renewal of the liquor license.

Channel 2 visited the Black Angus Inn in person Thursday to provide the business an opportunity to tell its side of the story, to no avail.

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