Faith groups differing in views on Proposition 1

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ANCHORAGE, AK (KTUU) Anchorage voters will soon be deciding on multiple propositions including Proposition 1 which asks if the city code be changed to require facilities like locker rooms, showers, changing rooms and bathrooms within municipal buildings to be designated for people of the same sex, which in this instance would be the persons gender at birth.

The question was revisited several times by groups in the faith community on Thursday.

Faith leaders converged at the Petroleum Club, as Jim Minnery, president of Alaska Family Action, a group spearheading efforts in support of Proposition 1 told the crowd it does two things.

Minnery said the proposition if passed would segregate intimate spaces based on biological sex determined at birth and gives private businesses and faith-based groups freedom to operate according to their convictions.

"One of the things that we like to say about prop 1 is that it's not about a fear that we have of transgender people or a fear that we have that people who struggle with their gender are somehow risk to society, most of the transgender people I have met are not at all in any way shape or form a threat, but there very much are people that take advantage of these laws," Minnery said.

But not everyone in the faith community supports the proposition.

Rev. Matthew Schultz with the First Presbyterian Church of Anchorage said the majority of Christians today believe in the full inclusion of the LGBTQ community.

"We also are fully against discrimination and bills such as Proposition 1, are enforced segregation, there's no reason for bills like this to go forward other than to discriminate and segregate," Schultz said. "It's harmful to people who are transgender and will only serve to increase their ostracization from society."

The proposition is one of 12 to appear on the 2018 Anchorage municipal ballot.

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