Feed Me Hope Bakery uses catering to help off-set costs of keeping shelter open year-round

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ANCHORAGE, Alalska (KTUU) Inside the Downtown Soup Kitchen's Hope Center students in both a culinary and pastry program are cooking and baking to help off-set some of the anticipated costs for keeping the shelters open year-round.

With the recently passed ordinance by the Anchorage Assembly allowing for the city's emergency shelters to remain open year-round for the next two years, the organizations say funding is a concern.

The Hope center says it houses about 50 homeless women a night, which includes access to laundry and providing meals.

Some of the overnight guests are part of a 14-week pastry course.

Students learn life skills and how to bake items like croissants and help bring in money to the non-profit by catering.

"People want to help. Just by buying from us helps a lot. Every cent that comes in goes straight into this facility," Pastry Chef Tom Christensen said.

Many of the baked goods end up in some of Anchorage's pastry shops, Christensen said.

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