Fifth graders at Russian Jack Elementary watch their first inauguration

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - It was a historic day for a group of Alaska students who watched their first inauguration. Like most Alaska elementary students, the fifth graders at Russian Jack Elementary in Anchorage were too young to remember President Barack Obama’s inauguration eight years ago. Today, Mrs. Wardle’s class watched part of President Donald Trump’s inauguration and talked about what it meant for the country and their families.

“It’s something where people kind of put aside their differences, you like apples, I like oranges, you put those aside and we come together,” said Mrs. Wardle during her lesson. “We may not agree with everything, but we respect it and that’s very important for us to know.”

When asked about what issues they would like addressed by President Trump, students cited everything from immigration to street violence, school funding and wildlife protection.

“He should probably make areas that don’t have much officers or patrols, they should have more patrols in neighborhoods,” said Michael Johnson.

“I would tell him to raise a charity for the homeless people,” said Emmanuel Mast.

Many of the students watched the inauguration before school with their families. They also offered well wishes to the outgoing president.

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