UPDATE: McGinley's Pub expected to open Friday evening after Thursday fire

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska 2:00 p.m. update:
Owners of McGinley's Pub say damage from the fire was minimal, and they expect to open by 5:00 Friday evening.

9 a.m. Update:

The cause of the fire that evacuated and shut down McGinley's Pub downtown Thursday night has been identified by fire investigators.

According to Cleo Hill, Fire Marshall with the Anchorage Fire Department, the fire started inside the kitchen ducts when a fan motor seized and failed.

"Basically the fan and motor draws grease vapor through the exhaust hood, but when the fan seized, it caught fire, lighting the grease that was trapped," Hill said.

After the grease caught fire, the duct melted, and fire burned up through the ceiling, and actually burned through the fire alarm wire.

The extent of the damage to McGinley's, and when it will be able to re-open, are not yet known.

Original Story:

Anchorage firefighters responded late Thursday afternoon to McGinley's Pub, a popular bar and restaurant downtown.

Senior Fire Captain Mike Ascone said, "we showed up and there was heavy, black smoke coming out of the hood, and the first engine company had a second alarm dispatched to it."

AFD says the building was evacuated as firefighters tried to locate and put out the fire.

"There's some smoke damage inside of McGinley's, and they had to pull some ceiling to get to some of the fire," Capt Ascone said. "The rest of the building, we were able to clear out the smoke fairly quickly."

AFD said there were no injuries reported, and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

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