UPDATE: AFD extinguishes a structure fire near Government Hill

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The Anchorage Fire Department extinguished the structure fire at 720 E. Whitney Road.

According to Jodie Hettrick, deputy chief of operations with AFD, the crew remained on scene until 1:47 p.m Tuesday.

"This includes mop-up and making sure that hazardous materials did not go into the creek (Ship Creek)," she said.

Hettrick reported that AFD does not know what caused the fire, yet. She also said the fire didn’t burn the office of Alaska Scrap and Recycling.

Moreover, Hettrick said no injuries were reported.

Original Story:
The Anchorage Fire Department says it is responding to a fire at 720 E. Whitney Road.

The notification came in at around 11:51 a.m Tuesday.

AFD says it is fighting the structure fire and advising residents to stay clear of the area.

A spokesperson for the Alaska Railroad, Tim Sullivan, identified the building as Alaska Scrap and Recycling.

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