Fire officials predict increased fire danger in 2019 season

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) — Alaska is due for increased fire danger in the 2019 season — that's the prediction from the Alaska Interagency Incident Management Team, which is expecting an above average wildland fire potential across the interior along travel corridors in May.

Alaska is now transitioning into fire season as ice continues to melt across the state. Fire officials say we'll continue to see more areas in the north and west dry out and become receptive by the middle of this month, and reaching its peak when more lightning starts around the middle of June.

That's why fire officials say it's important to make sure your home is fire safe.

Anchorage Fire Department will even come out and do a free fire inspection to make sure your home is in good standing to face a wildfire.

The department says it even offers up to $500 incentives to help defray some of the costs of removing vegetation too close to your home that could provide fuel to a fire.

"It's important that homeowners prepare, because if you think you can do it when the fire is a mile from your home, and the fire department and the police department are telling you it's time to evacuate, you can't do it," AFD Forester John See said. "People have tried and it's not possible."

See says now is the time remove brush to form at least a three-foot perimeter around your home, clean the gutters, and relocate any piles of wood.

For a full list of firewise tips, download the Alaska Firewise guide.

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