Five crewmen rescued from skiff after 49-foot commercial fishing vessel sinks in Southeast

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Five crewmen were evacuated from a sinking capsized boat, Daffnie, near Black Island in Southeast Alaska on Sunday.

The Coast Guard reported a call at 10:55 a.m. on Sunday from the five-person crew, which had boarded a skiff as their 49-foot commercial fishing boat sank. Soon, the Coast Guard, wildlife troopers, and a good Samaritan boat, the Lovie Joann, were on the scene.

The crew reportedly only had one life jacket, one survival suit, one liferaft, and one handheld radio on board the skiff at the time it was rescued. It was also holding onto the seine net, which the Lovie Joanne helped retrieve after the crew were safely on board the rescue vessels.

Now, the concern is clean up: the water where the boat sank is approximately 500 feet deep, and the boat carries a maximum of 400 gallons of diesel fuel. The crew of the Coast Guard rescue boat reported a “visible sheen” on the water at the scene, suggesting some of the fuel had already leaked.

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