Florida man investigated for theft of PFD money from Alaskans

Published: Jan. 13, 2020 at 3:58 PM AKST
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The Alaska Department of Revenue is working with several South Florida law enforcement agencies and the Secret Service to investigate a Florida man who is believed to have attempted to steal money from around 20 Alaskans' PFD distributions.

The suspect, Larry Scroggins, lives in Sunrise, Florida, a town in Broward County. Investigators said he is also a suspect in an identity fraud case in the state of Illinois.

Nathan Imes is a criminal investigator with the Alaska Dept. of Revenue who said they caught onto Scroggins after a series of complaints were filed from people whose PFD checks were rerouted to accounts in Sunrise.

"This is an individual who has engaged in theft from multiple state programs," Imes said, "it's between 18 and 24 people are the numbers we're looking at. We won't know for sure until forensics get back."

Imes said he and his partner obtained search warrants from a Broward county judge and worked with local law enforcement to search Scroggins' home in mid-December.

"Basically what we got into was shredded credit cards that have names matching some of the names that we were seeing being used, we found other credit cards in the house, we seized a bunch of computer devices that could have been used in the conduct of these crimes."

Scroggins was home at the time according to Imes. He was detained, but not arrested. Imes said they will have to move forward with charging and arresting the man once the Secret Service is done doing forensic testing on the seized computers.

Right now, Scroggins is not charged with anything. Imes said local law enforcement deemed him not to be a flight risk, but they seized his passport during the search.

Imes also said they caught onto the potential thefts from the PFD early, so they called the credit card company and said only a couple thousand dollars was stolen from the people of Alaska.

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