Former Benny Benson teacher leaves a Thanksgiving impact

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Even after retirement as a dedicated math teacher, Tim Johnstone can not seem to stop giving back to the students of Benny Benson.

Benny Benson is a vocational education program for high school students where those behind in credits can catch up.

Johnstone said that, oftentimes, there are outside forces in his students' lives that prevent them from getting their high school diploma.

"Sometimes you say, If I could just take them home with me every night and show them what life can be," Johnstone said. "A safe environment."

Johnstone can't seem to pull himself away from the school. He was a dedicated teacher for years, but he had help.

"I wouldn't have gotten a third of the things done in my teaching career that I've got done without Carolyn," he said.

Carolyn, his wife, often volunteered at the school. She was practically an honorary staff member.

Carolyn passed away after an unexpected blood clot to her lung stopped her heart.

Before her passing, Carolyn and Tim started Benny Benson's Thanksgiving tradition where staff prepares a meal to be shared with everyone at the school.

Its first year, Caroyln cooked all the food. Now, staff members all pitch in to put on the dinner.

"What I'm pleased with, is that Benny Benson is continuing this tradition," said Johnstone during the school's twelfth annual dinner. "Carolyn would have been pleased."

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