Residents call for safety improvements on Silver Fox Lane

Road surface on Silver Fox Lane.
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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Residents on Silver Fox Lane say their street is unsafe and in need of upgrades like sidewalks, lighting and signs to caution drivers to slow down.

"There's a lot of pedestrian traffic on that street, and it's hard to walk on that street without being in the middle of the road," said Natasha Price, who lives in the neighborhood. "People just drive so fast."

Just before 3 p.m. this past Monday, APD says a child was fatally struck by a vehicle that was backing out of a Silver Fox Lane residential parking spot. So far, no charges have been filed.

The community council for Old Seward and Ocean View says Silver Fox Lane used to be a dirt road. But over the years, multiple apartments, duplexes and condos have developed along it.

"Silver Fox can be a nasty road," said Steve Beardsley, president of the community council. "It was just dirt gravel for a long time, and then got upgraded with some chip seal and so on and so fourth. There's a lot of people that live in there, so it deserves a look."

Beardsley says he has been told there is little to no money for traffic calming on the street.

Price says children often play in the road and parking lots, because there are few safe places for them to play. Plus, there are no sidewalks to get to nearby parks.

"There are kids everywhere on that street – they're in the parking areas," Price said. "They spill out onto the road year round, so it's a scary problem. I think about that all the time, especially now that I'm a parent. There's no safe place for kids to play outside on our street."

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