Global leadership, healthcare and opioids up for discussion during National Governors Association meeting

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (KTUU) - From food and agriculture to the opioid epidemic, state and global leaders continue discussing issues impacting communities across the U.S. during day 2 of the National Governors Association Winter Meeting.

During an interview Saturday with Alana Austin, a KTUU Washington, D.C. based reporter, Governor Walker mentioned health care and offshore drilling. Walker said he and Secretary Zinke had a meeting on Friday “We’ve asked that certain areas of Alaska be off limits to offshore drilling, certainly the Bristol Bay area. We're really focused on the Chukchi, Beaufort and Lower Cook Inlet.”

Walker said the opioid issue is a top priority for Alaskans, “I’ll learn what they’re doing in other states and hopefully take back some of the tools in the tool box to address that crisis that we’re in.”

Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull delivered the keynote address during the conference. In the speech, he called on the U.S. to maintain its global leadership role.He's highlighting the importance of international partnerships and alliances. And he's encouraging the U.S. to consider rejoining the Trans-Pacific Partnership. That's the trade pact that President Donald Trump pulled the U.S. from in 2017.

Ghana's president is set to speak on Sunday, and governors and premiers from Australia, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Japan are attending the weekend meetings.

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