(LIVE VIDEO) Goose Creek corrections officer arrested after trying to smuggle drugs for inmate

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WATCH: Live video of a federal news conference on the arrest.

A Goose Creek corrections officer was arrested Monday evening after he tried to smuggle heroin and marijuana into the facility for an inmate, according to a criminal complaint filed in court on Tuesday.

The FBI began investigating Adam Jason Spindler earlier this month when the Department of Corrections contacted them with information that Spindler was bringing drugs into Goose Creek Correctional Complex to distribute to inmates.

DOC spokesman Corey Allen Young would not immediately comment on what evidence initially led the department to report Spindler to the FBI or when the investigation first began. More information on the case will be made available in a press release to be issued tomorrow.

According to charging documents, Spindler was seen meeting with a suspected drug dealer in the parking lot of a Wasilla McDonald’s at around 4:45 p.m. Monday. The suspected dealer entered Spindler’s truck and remained inside for less than a minute before exiting.

After the meet, Spindler drove directly from the restaurant to Goose Creek for his 6 p.m. shift, court documents say. When Spindler arrived at the prison, he became suspicious of a DOC K9 unit that was parked outside.

While waiting near his car, Spindler voiced his concerns to a fellow corrections officer who had just completed his shift. Spindler told the officer that he had some personal marijuana in a small bag and didn’t want the K9 unit to detect it, court documents say.

Thinking that the small bag contained only marijuana, the unnamed officer offered to take the cannabis from Spindler and dispose of it for him later. Spindler agreed and the two parted ways.

When Spindler entered the correctional facility afterwards, he was immediately detained by security personnel. FBI agents arrived shortly after to conduct a search of Spindler’s vehicle using a K9 unit, according to court documents. While the trained and certified dog alerted FBI investigators to the scent of drugs in the vehicle, none were ultimately found.

However, as the K9 was searching the vehicle, the corrections officer that Spindler had spoken with earlier called investigators to report that he had taken a closer look at the small bag Spindler had given him. Inside the bag, the officer discovered about 1.67 grams of heroin and about half a gram of marijuana, according to court documents.

The officer then returned to Goose Creek and surrendered the drugs to investigators. In a post-arrest interview, Spindler admitted that he planned to bring the drugs into the prison to give to an inmate, but had gotten spooked when he saw the K9 unit parked outside the facility, according to the charging documents.

Spindler began working as a corrections officer at Goose Creek around April 2013.

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