Gov. Walker updates Alaska LNG project

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) In the wake of appointing a new oil and gas chief adviser, Gov. Bill Walker sat down with Channel 2 to update the progress of the planned Alaska Liquid Natural Gas pipeline.

[Walker hires $185,000-a-year oil and gas chief adviser]

The AK LNG project should be in its front-end engineering and design phase by next year. And although BP, ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil have all been involved in the project so far, Walker says that others companies could become involved when it's time to make a final decision about the pipeline.

"If it's not those companies then we think there will be others that will join as well," Walker said.

Walker also said that despite the state grappling with a multi-billion dollar deficit, this is actually a "good time" for this project to move forward and utilize the "trillions of dollars in value that's trapped in the North Slope."

The Alaska LNG project is meant to find financing based on the market, and if the plan is not economic, then it will not move forward, according to Walker.

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