Government shutdown impacts brewery business

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Some breweries are feeling the effect of federal closures due to the partial government shutdown.

With the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau closed, it's unable to process labels or permits. Some grassroots businesses could face delays for opening, "Anyone that's implanting a brewery right now, it's an expensive cost and anyone that's created a timeline based on when they can open, when they can get approval-- right now those people are all just sitting in wait," Darcy Kniefel, Beer Ambassador for Midnight Sun Brewing Company said.

The Alaska-based Midnight Sun Brewing Company offers a limited edition can program, which features a new one-time-only brew, but beer lovers in the Lower 48 likely will not be getting a taste of the "Winter Warm, Dark Night" batch anytime soon. "Fortunately the beers have been very popular up here so we still have a place for them to go but we will have to keep an eye on how much we make and not plan on sending out until we hear further," Kniefel said.

The Brewers Association warns when the government is fully funded again, it's likely to face a paperwork backlog so there could be even more delays.

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