Governor: If budget, PFD, education, crime not decided, special session imminent

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - With multiple make-or-break items still not locked into place and confirmed in Juneau, the likelihood of a special session in the Legislature is all but certain.

In a press conference held Wednesday, on the last day of the session, Gov. Mike Dunleavy spoke to reporters regarding that eventuality.

"Right now, if a budget doesn't move, and crime packages don't move, and the PFD doesn't move, and there's no educational funding, and the midnight hour strikes, we'll have to have a special session," Dunleavy said.

These issues still had not been finalized in any meaningful way ahead of Wednesday's midnight deadline. An operating budget will need to be agreed on, and the way in which the PFD is capped or not capped could impact what that budget looks like.

In the budget, important line items like how Alaska schools will be funded, as well as a sweeping crime package that Dunleavy also talked about, have not been passed by the House and Senate.

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