Growing AK: Fairy Gardens

Published: Jul. 5, 2020 at 9:22 PM AKDT
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With tiny trees and tissue paper tents, a fairy garden makes the perfect home for our mischievous friends with wings. Well, in this case, it was more of a fairy village.

"It’s called Fairy Hollow," says Anna Evanson, one of the nine campers who put the fairy garden together. "The first day we were here, it was just plain plants but now it’s like this."

"This" includes a campsite, walking paths, a restaurant and a hospital, complete with a helipad — through the rain washed the symbol away.

"So a fairy garden is a place where you can let loose all of your imagination, be as creative as you want and really believe in fairies," Lead Camp Counselor at the Alaska Botanical Garden, Carly Tencza, said. "We’ve had these two stand up beds here in our outdoor classroom for years and we’ve just used them as planters, but I thought it would make a wonderful blank canvas as fairy garden especially since the first week of camp here at the Alaska Botanical Garden was an art camp."

Evanson says the hospital is probably the most comfortable place in the village. But why would a fairy village need a hospital?

"Because like if the fairies crash into a tree, their wings are broken and then they can’t fly so they go to the hospital," Evanson explains. "Or like if the fairies got burnt by the campfire, they can come here or if they’re sinking in the pond."

The Alaska Botanical Garden is open Friday through Monday.

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