Growing AK: Finding security in your back garden

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Kristi Wood describes herself as an urban farmer, local food enthusiast and a local-vore.

She says that means, "most of what I eat comes from Alaska and much of that comes from our own garden, so every day of the year I am eating from our garden in one form or another."

Their huge back garden and the containers on their deck will provide Dohnn and Kristi Wood with thousands of pounds of food this year.

"They're actually so many benefits, first off my food tastes great," Kristi says. "Secondly, we can be saving a little bit of money." Kristi points out a package of seeds only costs a few dollars and there can be dozens, even hundreds of seeds in there, but their gardening comes down to something more universal.

"Another really important thing is food security for Anchorage," says Kristi. "If we can decentralize the food system so that more people are eating food that's produced locally, we can have a much more secure food system. Plus we can save, keep some of our money in Alaska. I mean, I can't grow everything that I need, I have a full-time job, I do this as a hobby so I supplement from the farmers in the Valley and every time I do that, I am contributing to Alaska's economy and those dollars stay here."

Kristi finds food security is just a few steps away.

"It gives you a sense of security if you know you can just walk out your door to your garden and get your lunch, that's a huge feeling of relief...or like the fresh snap peas. We call it garden candy, when you snap it off the vine and you eat it standing right there, that's a very powerful relationship with your food," says Kristi.

Dohnn and Kristi have started a Facebook page called Anchor Gardens for people interested in growing food locally.

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