Half-acre fire tears through woods near Chester Creek Trail

Smoke rises above a fire on the Chester Creek Trail near Karluk Drive. Photo courtesy of Aurora Courtney
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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Sixteen firefighting apparatus responded to a half-acre fire in the woods near 20th and Karluk off of the Chester Creek Trail that sent up smoke that was visible from across town. The fire was first reported at 3:36 p.m. and was reported under control at 5:04 p.m.

The fire is now contained, according to the Fire Marshall, Cleo Hill. The Friday afternoon winds prompted the Fire Department to send as many fire vehicles as it could spare to the scene. It is currently unclear how many firefighters responded, but with sixteen different vehicles all carrying multiple personnel, the number was at least in the dozens.

Firefighters were able to drive a tanker engine close to the fire on the trail in order to spray water. The Division of Forestry was also involved with putting out the fire.

Firemarshall Hill said that there were additional hazards.

“Some of the trees around there are dead, so the crews have to be really careful not to get under the falling trees,” she said.

Hill said that none of the roads were closed but that the section of the Chester Creek Trail north of East Chester Park is closed till Lake Otis Drive.

Currently crews are still fighting the fire and no suspected cause has been released.

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