Head of Iditarod drug testing to be formally reprimanded but not terminated

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - The ITC Board of Directors will formally reprimand Dr. Morrie Craig after he had a conversation with Wade Marrs about drug testing results prior to the start of Iditarod XLVI.

However, he will not be terminated from his current position.

In a statement, the ITC board says Craig has been "made aware that any further actions on his part deemed detrimental to the success of the program will result in additional disciplinary action up to and including termination of services."

The statement continues saying that "there are differing accounts of the exact nature and perceived intent of the conversation" with Marrs, but in general, the board "believes that the conversation was at best ill timed, and a breach of protocol on Dr. Craig’s part."

The board said that Craig’s role as chief of drug testing for the sled dog race "is to analyze, interpret and report laboratory findings to the board of directors, not to third parties, unless specifically authorized to do so."

The ITC also praised Craig, saying it "sincerely appreciates the expertise Dr. Craig has brought to the race in developing a credible drug testing program."