Spotlight on Youth: Helping the homeless

Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 9:30 AM AKST
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While most 13 years old's are off hanging out with friends or perhaps playing video games Caleb Song is volunteering. The young man from Northern Lights ABC school uses his spare time to help those in need, specifically the homeless.

Recently Caleb was named as one of the two Alaskan honorees for the 2020

. It is well deserved, Caleb not only helps out at the Church of Nations, where his father is a minister but at a number of places around Anchorage. Beans Cafe, Soup Kitchen, Rescue Mission Shelter, Cross Road Assisted Living Home and others have all seen the young man's face light their doorway.

At the Church of Nations Caleb is a bit of a do-all. He helps those in need to get inside, he sets up and runs the computer and sound equipment, he serves food, he even takes care of the bags. That last one may not sound like a big deal but for those experiencing homelessness, sometimes those bags... are everything they own. "We don't want their bags to get stolen, we put name tags on their bags and themselves. So after service they come to get their bags we check their names and we just give them their bag." Said Caleb.

This calling was handed down to Caleb from his parents. At times that have been tough, in an essay to the awards panel Caleb talks about his desire fading at points when he was younger. At the same time, he says it's helped him grow. In that same essay, the astute 13-year old says "the more I meet homeless people, the deeper I find that we are all the same human beings."

As for where Caleb stands on his volunteer work now? With a smile on his face he say's "I really like helping these people and it's very fun doing it." Hopefully, humanity can find a few more people with that sunny outlook on giving back. Perhaps Caleb will inspire others to try.

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