Hikers survive moose attack in Kincaid Park, search for missing dog

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Two hikers are out of the hospital after being charged by a moose while hiking in Kincaid Park. The hikers say they were about a mile from the Kincaid Chalet at around 2 p.m. on Friday when they looked up at a plane overhead and didn't notice when the moose began charging.

“An instant I saw the body of the moose hit me full force and Catherine was right beside me,” said Melanie Sandstrom who suffered three cracked ribs, puncture wounds and bruises. “In a moment I was on the ground and it was just stomping on my back and on my head.”

Alongside Sandstrom was Catherine Dwinnell and her dog Molni who were also on the ground after being hit.

“I just said Catherine, and she said 'yes.' I said, 'Are you okay?', and she told me she had a pretty bad gash in her left shin,” said Sandstrom.

After realizing Dwinnell had serious injuries ,the two began using clothes to bandage her shin. Sandstrom says the two then began looking and screaming for help which soon came.

“It was just a series of people stopping and giving us water and covering us with everything they had to keep us warm, and just comforting us,” Sandstrom said.

A pilot on the trail was able to help pin point their location and tell the 9-1-1 operator where to find them.

“The attack on the both of us was so brutal, but we didn’t have any vital organs damaged,” said Sandstrom.

The two hikers where then taken to the hospital. Dwinell had a broken wrist, gash on her shin, and broken ribs.

“I’m hoping she will hear my voice and come because the dog has been spotted a couple of times in this area,” said Catherine Dwinell who went directly back to Kincaid after getting out of the hospital to look for her dog. “Poor Molni I feel so bad for her she has been out here for 3 nights on her own.”

Family and Friends have been looking for the dog while Dwinnell was in the hospital, but have been unable to find her.

If you find Molni, Dwinell says to call one of the two contact numbers on the collar.