Hiland's 'Lullaby Project' connects inmates with their children

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) There’s that saying most of us heard growing up; ‘Mothers know best’. But what if those mothers make mistakes that land them behind bars? It can be hard on them, especially the children.

Falesha Taylor has been incarcerated for 90 days at Hiland Correctional Center, she has not been sentenced yet so she doesn’t know the next time she’ll be able to see all four of her daughters.

“My youngest one, I haven’t seen the entire time I’ve been incarcerated,” Taylor said.

It’s been even longer for Shawn Muese, she’s been in jail for nearly two years.

“It’s hard,” said Muese. “I just miss them.”

To help ease the pain of not seeing their children, a new program was started to bring mothers and their kids closer together during parts of their life when they can’t be close at all.

It’s called the Lullaby Project; 15 inmates at Hiland were chosen to work with local musicians to write their own personal message to their children through a lullaby.

Both Taylor and Muese are a part of the program that’s designed to help inmates connect with their loved ones outside while they’re still inside.

“I want my kids to know that it’s not their fault that I’m not there,” said Muese. “I’m so emotional when it comes to my kids because I’ve done so much stuff in the past and I just want my kids to know that I love them, that’s all.”

“It’s helped me realize that I can still do little things behind the scenes to help my kids,” said Taylor.

The musicians working with the inmates will record the lullabies, which will eventually be compiled onto a CD that will be given to family members.

It’s a project that Muese hopes her kids will be proud of.

“Now when I do sing a lullaby to my kids, my kids can be like ‘yeah my mom wrote that’,” she said.

The lullaby project at Hiland is all leading up to a concert on September 24th.

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