Holiday shopping times for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) Black Friday shopping no longer waits until Friday begins.

Here is a list of the big-name stores in Anchorage and the times they will be open this holiday season.

Thanksgiving Thursday:

Fred Meyer: 7am - 4pm
JC Penney: 2pm - 2am
Target: 5pm - 1am
Best Buy: 5pm - 1am
Walmart: 6pm - 12am

Black Friday:

Fred Meyer: 5am - 11pm
JC Penney: 6am - 12am
Walmart: 6am - 12am
Best Buy: 8am - 10pm
Lowe's: 6am - 9pm
Home Depot: 6am - 9pm

Shop Small Saturday:

This year 62 local Alaska businesses are taking part in "Shop Small Saturday." Typically the focus has been on downtown stores but this year it has spread to all of Anchorage.

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