House set to break record for longest time into a session without organizing

Snow falls in front of the Alaska Capitol in Downtown Juneau in March 2017
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Juneau, ALASKA (KTUU) - The House is set to break the record for time spent into a session without organizing after a floor session was cancelled Tuesday morning.

Tuesday marks day 22 of the session which is the joint longest time into a session that the House hasn’t organized. The House has adjourned till 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, the 23rd day of the ongoing session.

According to Legislative Research Services, the House took 22 days to organize in 1981 with a 21-seat majority. The razor thin majority was tenuous, on day 153 of that session, Speaker Jim Duncan was overthrown.

On Monday, Rep. David Eastman, R - Wasilla, sought to force a vote for a permanent speaker by nominating Rep. Dave Talerico, R - Healy for the position.The vote failed 20-20 as Rep. Bryce Edgmon, D - Dillingham, who was also nominated, refused to stand for now.

House members need to elect a speaker with at least 21 representatives voting in favor of a candidate. The process of formally making committee assignments can then begin.

Rep. Neal Foster, D - Nome, was elected Speaker Pro Tempore on the second day of session, a typically temporary position with limited powers.

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