How major shopping days affect local business

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) Black Friday and Small Business Saturday are two of the biggest shopping days of the year, but for many local businesses, the days are important not necessarily because they’re the big moneymakers.

For some, they’re an indicator of a bigger trend.

“It's the kickoff to the season,” said Jana Hayenga, owner of Cabin Fever Gifts, Quilted Raven, and Wooly Mammoth. “All of December as we get closer to the final 25th of December, our sales get bigger and bigger."

But if that season doesn't go well, Hayenga’s downtown stores have another chance at getting a bump.

“We really do have a huge influx of visitors and tourists in the Summer, May through September,” Hayenga said. “But then our next biggest push is December."

But Jason Borgstede, owner of Blue and Gold Boardshop says his store doesn't have that luxury.

“In general, we make the bulk of our revenue for the whole year in about a 3 to 4 month period,” he said. “25, 30% of that coming in just December."

Blue and Gold was started in 2015, but next door, Mountain View Sports has nearly 60 years under its belt, and recently, owner John Staser has noticed a new trend for holiday shoppers.

“I think the business climate in Anchorage, for retail has been challenging over the last few years with the recession that's going on,” he said. “With the additional pressures of the national chains and Amazon, internet-type shopping is really competing against us, and those things have had their impacts."

In the end, though, profit isn't why Borgstede and many other business owners do what they do.

“I got to live out my dreams on a snowboard, and now I get to help the next generation do it," he said.

And he doesn't plan on closing up shop any time soon.

While profit isn't why a lot of those businesses are started and run, it is what keeps them afloat, which is why many of them choose to participate in Small Business Saturday.

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