Business owner is making her peanut brittle accessible for seniors

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Mat-Su Valley (KTUU) - Even though seniors battle weakening teeth and dentures, there is one item surprisingly flying off the shelves at the Mat-Su Senior Services gift shop.

And it’s peanut brittle.

The normally sticky, chewy, teeth-breaking sweet that is beloved by many and enjoyed by those of us with a strong enough bite is one of the most popular products in the store.

Monica’s Confection Connection has been selling and perfecting brittle for the past seven years.

“I figured if I enjoyed eating it, other people would enjoy it, too,” Monica Droz said. She said she wanted everyone to enjoy her brittle.

“One of my grandfathers, he has dentures,” she said. “And it makes it easier for him to eat. He turned 88 in April and he just had a bag last week. So he still likes to eat it and enjoys it. “

“So she developed this, which is a little lighter, a little airier, than some of the other (brittle),” said the head of the gift shop, Charice Chambers.

And according to those who frequent the center, Monica’s Confection Connection is a popular buy.

“It’s just really good,” said Jennifer McCrary, a center volunteer. “And it don’t know, it makes you think of all nice things when you’re eating it because it’s so sweet and nice.”

“There is so much negativity put in our faces all the time, that the bad outweighs the good,” Droz said. “And I think brittle can bring people back to a time that they remember good things.”

You can find Monica’s Confection Connection on Friday Fling in Palmer, the Anchorage Market, and other festivals.

You can also find them online.

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