Human rights commission plans to move ahead with apology

Brent Linegar points out the bumper sticker with the phrase "Black Rifles Matter" on his pickup truck.
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JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — A state human rights commission official indicated Thursday that the commission's former executive director had not penned a letter of apology for calling out on social media a "Black Rifles Matter" sticker on a truck in the commission's parking lot.

Sarah Monkton told the commission Marti Buscaglia was supposed to write an apology letter to the truck's owner. Buscaglia was suspended for complaining on the commission's Facebook page about the sticker, which she believed to be racist.

Buscaglia has since announced her resignation.

Monkton, who is acting director, says she and former commission chair Brandon Nakasato had planned to call the truck's owner to apologize. Nakasato also resigned, though, leaving that unresolved.

The commission's new chair, Megan Mackiernan, said she would move forward with that and a press release.

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