Hundreds of dollars in donations stolen from charity for retired sled dogs

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) Jeannine Armour has been raising funds to build a veterinary clinic at the August Foundation, a foundation that helps find homes for retired sled dogs. Saturday, she hit a roadblock.

A passerby pets a retired sled dog outside Williwaw Social at the August Fund's fundraiser Saturday.

“We, drove up from Homer yesterday to put on the fundraiser,” Armour says. “At a local hotel we were staying at, unfortunately overnight, somebody broke into our van, smashed the window, and took all the donations that I had brought up from Homer."

However, Armour didn't just roll over and take it. Neither did the foundation's supporters.

“I put a post on Facebook, and from that point it took like wildfire,” Armour says. “I have no idea how many people found out about it, but I'm overwhelmed because everybody has shown up and just been bringing donation after donation."

Saturday night, the foundation held a silent auction downtown, and they auctioned off a lot more than expected.

“Since I posted this, additional donations that we got, I would have to guess maybe like an extra 75 donations that we might have not even had to begin with,” Armour says.

Even Iditarod finisher Jim Lanier showed up to support the foundation.

“When I have a dog that isn't racing anymore, and that could even be as young as seven, eight years, and there's a lot left in that dog for mushing, but also for a couch potato,” Lanier says. “Dogs really enjoy snuggling up to people on the couch, and my dogs seem to make great pets, so it's a win-win-win."

To learn more, donate or adopt, you can visit the August Fund at their Facebook page, or at

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