Hunting for berries not required at blueberry festival

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Girdwood, Alaska For the past ten years, the Blueberry Festival in Girdwood has provided a spot at the bottom of Alyeska hill to refuel after a long day of hunting for blueberries.

“When you’re done picking blueberries you come back here, grab some food, grab a beer, listen to some great music and just kind of relax and enjoy the afternoon,” said Ben Napolitano with the Alyeska Resort.

The annual festival is expected to bring as many as 6,000 people to the Alyeska Resort courtyard over the August 19th weekend.

To access the berries the resort offers a free lift on Chair 7, “I was really fun it was tiring, definitely tiring,” said Molly Schild who returned with her mother Christiane from the Winner Creek trail with a full bucket.

Others returned with a smaller bounty, “I probably got 10 haha a small bush,” said Anchorage resident Camtu Nguyen.

Fortunately for Nguyen there were plenty of food options that include blueberries, including pastries, cheese burgers and even a Brie and bacon sandwich.

Molly Schild says her berries are spoken for, “We probably have enough to make two pies but I don’t like blueberry pie for some reason. I don’t like blueberry pie.”

The Blueberry Festival continues Sunday August 20th at the Alyeska Resort in Girdwood from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m.

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