Iditaread program sends students on their way to Nome

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Bringing the Iditarod to the classroom, the universal bond between kids and dogs combines in a fun lesson about Alaska's most famous race.

A display of Iditiarod check points at Nunaka Valley Elementary will track the students reading progress through the program called Iditaread.

"For every minute of reading outside of the classroom. For the next three and a half weeks that the students do," said ASD's Lane Bottemiller. "They will earn a mile on their way to Nome."

Iditarod mushers Anna and Kristy Berington brought along a couple of retired Iditarod dogs to encourage the students to read.

"Include the Iditarod. Then Alaska and mushing all in one segment about reading", said Kristy Berington. "By getting the kids to follow the race and give them another reason to read and have goals. I think is important.

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